WYPG? Do you G.L.U.E.?

Sometimes, you just come across people who seem so darn smart! That’s the case with Stan Phelps. I consider myself lucky to have discovered him recently, though for the life of me, I can’t tell you exactly how it happened. I’m guessing it was on Twitter, where Stan tweets as @9INCHMarketing.

I think that’s where I first learned about WYPG, or “What’s Your Purple Goldfish?,” “G.L.U.E.” and Stan’s awesome web site and blog, Marketing Lagniappe (pronounced “lan-yap”). Essentially, what do you do as a business that differentiates you? What makes you stand apart and makes you better than all the others? Along with examples of companies that “get” G.L.U.E. — Stan’s concept of “giving little unexpected extras.”

I’m excited to share that today is a big day for my Twitter friend Stan Phelps. Why? Because his book, What’s Your Purple Goldfish?: How to Win Customers and Influence Word of Mouth (Vol I), is FINALLY available! I’ve already ordered my copy and I’m urging you to do the same! Trust me on this!

Every time I read Stan’s blog I learn something new and I expect it will be the same with his book. He inspires me to be a smarter more creative business person and develop ways to work with clients more effectively. I can’t thank him enough. I hope you’ll feel the same way after you learn about Purple Goldfish too.

What’s your Purple Goldfish? What companies do you like that give G.L.U.E>.? Let me know!



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