Amazed again! (But not in a good way)

Yet again! Read a great article, clicked through to the author’s web site and WHAM! The wrong word in THE VERY FIRST SENTENCE! And not just the wrong word but the wrong form of the word! A very simple word. A word we use every day.

Some will say I’m nit picking. Others may say my standards/expectations are too high. Others will say we all make mistakes. True, true and true. But doesn’t anyone proofread what they write anymore? And, IN THE FIRST SENTENCE OF TEXT ON YOUR WEB SITE!

I’m human. I make mistakes and I understand that others do too. So I’m asking you all a favor — if I write and post something that has a typo or misused word, please let me know. Then, after you let me know, you can feel free to make fun of me publicly….because I’ll deserve it!

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  1. Michael Hodges says:

    I agree with everything you have said. I read articles on the internet and find many typo’s. The first thing that comes to mind is a post on a forum where the poster doesn’t care how they spell a word. It makes me think the author of the article is not as intelligent as he/she would like to think. I understand in many cases the author has misspelled a word and then auto corrected it, corrected it into a word that is spelled correctly but does not make sense in the sentence.
    I believe this is partly the result of texting. While texting most people don’t care how they spell a word and many times words are abreviated. If you don’t proofread what you write in a text, you fall victim to the many times cursed autocorrect.
    I have also noticed on a few occasions some authors using texting abreviations in articles. This just smacks of layziness to me.
    I am sure many of the younger generation have never picked up a newspaper but I have read many, especially before the internet was so prevailent. I can not remember when an article in the newspaper had any typo’s or used any kind of word abreviations. I do understand the newspaper bussiness has a dedicated editor who proofreads and corrects what needs correcting and this makes any article I read in the newspaper feel more proffessional than on a website.

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