End of Year Opportunities: Year in Review/Year Ahead

Let’s be real — monthly publications are already working on their early 2015 issues. But with so much original content being created for their companion web sites, it’s not too late to pursue end of year coverage opportunities. “Year in … Continue reading

Clips of great coverage always make for an exciting day!

Earlier this week, attorney Brian T. Stapleton, partner with client firm Goldberg Segalla, was interviewed by Fred Dicker about the NY State gun control legislation and a challenge to the SAFE Act that Brian filed on behalf of a client. … Continue reading

Today’s Payment Options

In the coming days, I’m going to be updating my web site. Firstly, because it needs it but more importantly to offer a new service that small and mid-size business owners have told me they need. (Yes, we call this … Continue reading

Amazed again! (But not in a good way)

Yet again! Read a great article, clicked through to the author’s web site and WHAM! The wrong word in THE VERY FIRST SENTENCE! And not just the wrong word but the wrong form of the word! A very simple word. … Continue reading

WYPG? Do you G.L.U.E.?

Sometimes, you just come across people who seem so darn smart! That’s the case with Stan Phelps. I consider myself lucky to have discovered him recently, though for the life of me, I can’t tell you exactly how it happened. … Continue reading

New goals for the New Year!

Happy New Year! Have you made your list of goals for 2012? (If you haven’t yet, I hope you’re working on it!) Two goals on my list are sharing more links and blogging more frequently. So, here goes! I read … Continue reading

Most people are missing the point

I understand that many people and businesses are using social media to “drive traffic” and “raise visibility.” I agree with that. It’s part of what I do. That said, I think those same people and companies are missing the larger … Continue reading

One Company That’s Doing It Right — Kudos P.C. Richard & Son

On Monday of Memorial Day Weekend, I made a big purchase — I bought a new refrigerator. Having never bought a large kitchen appliance before, I took a leap and went to P.C. Richard & Son, a ‘big box” retailer … Continue reading

For me, it all comes down to one question

First things first – I’ll admit, this blog post is self-serving because I work in public relations. Never let it be said that I obfuscate or mislead. Second – while I invite everyone to read this post, it’s really directed … Continue reading

Geri’s Thinking About…

My First Time…..

I will confess — this is my very first blog post.

I was persuaded, encouraged and somewhat shamed into including a blog on my new web site, www.gerirosmanpr.com. And you know what? I’m glad I did.

I love doing public relations and I especially groove on scoring great media coverage for clients, and helping them establish relationships with the media who are important to their industry. I get a rush. It gives me a thrill. Continue reading